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Family Week at Maple Ridge Baptist Church is a cherished time of togetherness and community, where families come together to celebrate the beauty of the autumn season and create lasting memories. As the crisp fall air envelops our church grounds, anticipation builds for a week filled with warmth, laughter, and cherished traditions.

The week kicks off with the highly anticipated Men's Chili Competition, where talented chefs from within our congregation showcase their culinary skills in a friendly rivalry. The aroma of savory spices fills the air as families gather to sample an array of delicious chili recipes, each one more flavorful than the last.

Meanwhile, the Ladies Bake-Off is in full swing, with talented bakers vying for the title of champion. From mouthwatering pies to decadent cookies, the dessert table overflows with sweet treats that tempt the taste buds and delight the senses.

As the week progresses, families come together to engage in the age-old tradition of making apple butter. Amidst the crackling of the fire and the scent of simmering apples, generations gather to peel, core, and cook apples, transforming them into a rich and fragrant spread that embodies the essence of fall.

Throughout the week, the warmth of the fire serves as a focal point for fellowship and storytelling, drawing families closer together as they share in laughter and conversation. Children roast marshmallows and sip hot cocoa, while parents reminisce about cherished memories and dream of future adventures.

With each passing day, the sense of community and camaraderie deepens, as families embrace the spirit of the season and forge new bonds of friendship and love. Family Week at Maple Ridge Baptist Church is more than just a series of events—it's a celebration of the blessings of family, faith, and community, and a reminder of the warmth and abundance that surround us during this special time of year.